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firecausesburns' Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in firecausesburns' LiveJournal:

Friday, February 27th, 2009
10:47 pm
I move out of home in 11 hours.

I'm kind of a combination of =D and =O right now. I'm terrified, but pretty damn excited too.
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
2:25 pm
Deakin offered me three scholarships.

1. Payment of about $2000 in my first year.
2. Payment of all my HECS fees.
3. $8000 a year towards accommodation costs.

*has heart attack*
Monday, December 15th, 2008
9:08 am
English: A+ A+ A+
German: A+ A A
Chinese: B+ B+ C+
Health: A+ A+ A
Maths: A+ A A+

ENTER score: 94.1

*iz ded*
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
5:19 pm

Thank god that's over.
Friday, September 5th, 2008
1:56 pm
Making important decisions regarding my future. And for a change, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm going through the electives for my first-preference course (primary teaching at Deakin), and I seriously want to do most of them. Currently considering:

Reading Children's Texts
Writing for Professional Practice
Introduction to Sociology A
Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
Language: Speech and Sounds
Understanding Health
Health Behaviour
Introduction to Psychology A

I need to take a grand total of one in my first semester. I can't narrow it down past eight. And I'm also considering Chinese. Or, at least, wavering between "I should keep Chinese, I've studied it for six years" and "I've studied it for six years, can I stop now?"

(At the moment, I'm favoring Health Behaviour or Introduction to Psychology. But aargh. Too hard to choose.)

I should probably check out my second preference course too, but I really don't have the motivation. I'm apparently in line for an ENTER score 20 points above the clearly-in for my first, and I also have SEAS consideration. I should make it into Deakin.

In other news, the cat's still limping. This can't be good.
Saturday, August 30th, 2008
12:15 am
It seems that Google Safesearch thinks an image search for "big fucking hammer" is inappropriate.
Sunday, July 27th, 2008
10:16 pm
"Thank you for applying to Deakin University. Your application has been received.
Yours Sincerely,
Deakin University"

The thought of university's becoming so real now. Especially now that I'm reconsidering taking a gap year. I might be in uni in six months. That is so weird.
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
1:03 pm
The question of the day is: why the hell do the school computers block access to Hotmail. Gradesaver, and other sites that might be useful and don’t necessarily encourage time-wasting … but not LJ?
The answer of the day, however, is: who gives a flying fuck? Enjoy it, Maddy. You’ll probably end up being the sole cause of LJ being eventually blocked, but in four months I’ll be out of here for good, so I don’t care!

(I’m going through the Metaquotes Favourite Entries post. This is a good way to spend a lunchtime.)

In other news, I want to talk to Alice again :( I miiiissss her! And I haven’t spoken to her in ages.

-Studying for the German SAC after school that I’m completely unprepared for
-Doing some of the homework I’m sure I have

I had a very entertaining argument the other day. Ever tried to convince gay guys about the appeal of boobs? Yeah, they just didn’t get it. Even when we started posting pictures of Scarlett Johansson. Personally, Scarlett Johansson could make me agree with any argument ever.

I seem to have lost the ability to write in past tense. I’m so used to first-person present that everything I write somehow comes out in present tense. I keep having to read over my fic and correct entire paragraphs where I’ve forgotten. THIS FIC IS IN PAST TENSE FFS.

Dammit bell about to go must run and pretend I haven’t been LJing for all of lunchtime. And maybe have something to eat.

This post brought to you by Completely Random And Pointless Posts Inc.
Thursday, May 29th, 2008
7:42 pm
I just saw one of my dad's CDs, "30 Years of #1 Hits" or something like that. I picked it up, and the very first thing I see?
"Never Gonna Give You Up" : Rick Astley

Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:30 pm
So that's another year gone by. It's not the time for nostalgia like it will be next year, but this year had its good moments.

Such as:

-Lils and Paul's constant bickering in biology
For example:
"Sea jelly!"
"Sea star!"
"Horse fish!"
-Mr Crofts deciding to demonstrate the charleston for our English class
-The way Mrs Papas spent the entire year trying to get Francis out of Methods, and the way he refused to leave, even though he was failing every test
-Alana, Midget and the Case of Spousal Abuse
-Liisa trying to leave at lunchtime and getting caught by Mrs Horton-Andrews
-Paul winning chocolate for the best tango in the formal dance lessons
-On a related note, trying to tango with one Paul after the other (there's about a foot height difference between them)
-Getting lost when I was trying to get to tutor group for the first time on the first day
-Those German discussions that usually had nothing to do with German
-Mr Crofts skipping through the room and scaring the life out of Mrs Dullard's students in the next room
-Do you play croquet? (The correct answer is "yes, very regularly", while backing away so David doesn't have the chance to violate you.)
-Mrs Tong aka Yu Laoshi falling down that little step thing in room 13
-Mrs Still melting the front cover of my diary when she used it to block the projector
-Writing a long rambling letter to Adrienne when half the school had an unplanned spare
-Evading politican discussions with Dan (I run from confrontation and politics)
-"I'm glad I'm not soluble" - Paul in Biology
-All those memorable quotes from English:
*door swings open*
Me: It's the damn ghost again.
Mr Crofts: Don't worry, it's just someone Mrs Papas hacked to pieces last year.
"I have so much correction to get done. I can't keep my three partners satisfied and get all of this done at the same time! How can I keep up my secret double life? ... I actually did date two people at the same time once. It's not easy." - Mr Crofts sometime back in April
"Before the Internet, most teenage boys got their porn from stealing their father's magazine collections. Or in my case, my mother's, she was the one into that sort of thing." - Mr Crofts sometime early on in the year (brain bleach required, his mother taught me art at primary school)
-Having to dance with Mr Fletcher to "Candyman"
-Kathryn bringing her video camera into school and getting shots of everyone's boobs, including Steve's
-That discussion of sexual positions at lunchtime that involved Dani screaming "SHE'S ONLY GOT THREE HOLES!"
-A rousing rendition of Potter Puppet Pals is the ebst way to start amorning
-The penis game... enough said
-Mrs Papas' response to the great mark I got on my maths exam
-The way Brendan showed up to Chinese 15 minutes late every time we had it first period

I just felt like reminiscing.
Sunday, November 25th, 2007
3:50 pm
I guess I should start actually using this journal, huh? I don't exactly do much, but if I've got the journal, I may as well use it.

I got my year 11 results the other day. A for Health, German and English, B for Maths, C for Chinese and Bio. I'm really happy with maths - 76% is well above the year's average and much better than I've done all semester. Chinese is the only one I'm annoyed with, I went from an A to a C in a semester. I guess I just didn't put in the work. I'm doing Chinese for year 12, but I won't be doing Bio, so I'll have more time. I hatehatehate biology.

Laura's party was the other night. It was fine, but I'm not really a party person. I don't have a problem with loud 90s music, a pool, a trampoline, a bonfire and a bunch of lunatics, and that was basically it. I could have done without the canoodling couples.

I have commencement week enxt week. A whole week in casual clothes, woohoo. I don't like the school uniform much, but at least it means I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear. I like in jeans, T-shirts and runners. When I showed up at the party in a skirt I thought Peter was going to faint.

So there was an election and Labor won. My mother's been complaining ever since about how the country's going to be a complete wreck from now on. I'm too young to vote, so I didn't pay to much attention, but I don't think I would have voted Labor or Liberal - the ads all annoyed the hell out of me.

So basically, I have nothing much to say, but figred this journal could do with not being blank.
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
3:01 pm
Friends only! There's never going to be much in this LJ, but comment if you want to be added!
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